Vivint Security Reviews

If you have not heard about Vivint Security Systems, then, probably, you don’t live in the United States! Vivint Security is vivint security reviewsamong the few home security providers operating in all the 50 states in America as well as other countries such as New Zealand and Canada.

As per hundreds of Online Vivint Security Reviews, the company stands as one of the best in home security with an offering of some of the most advanced security system equipment in the security industry. In summary of the many Vivint reviews, here are some important items to note:

  • Vivint Security Offers lifetime warranties

All reviewers agree that this is among the best aspects of Vivint security systems; that they give a lifetime warranty on all of their home security system equipment. This means that in the event of wear and tear or a defective security device, Vivint will replace your home automation system for you if you purchased it with them.

This is unlike what is provided by other home security companies which only cover defective parts but not wear and tear. The only catch in this is that the warranty is only valid so long as you continue paying Vivint Customer Services.

  • Vivint Security Systems Provides Different Home Automation

Online reviews on Vivint Security Systems indicate that even the most basic security package provided by this company include a key fob, a screen control panel, door and window sensors, smoke and motion detectors.

However, there are other different types of home automation equipment that can be bought separately to complement the basic provisions. These include glass break detector, tilt sensor, carbon monoxide detector, small appliance control system among many others.

  • Vivint Provides Remote Access of the home through a mobile App

More to this, Vivint Security provides a Sky Mobile App which will help you manipulate your home’s temperature from a remote location. You can also be able to lock and unlock your doors, record live video feed from outside your home, arm and disarm your home security systems and perform much more!

Negative Reviews on Vivint Security Systems

There are not many bad Vivint Security System reviews. However, the few highlight on the minimum contract period which is 42 months as the longest in the market. They also highlight on Vivint’s monthly subscription which they say is relatively high though it stands at a minimum of $39. Most of the reviewers however tend to agree that in relation to their services, their pricing is worth the quality and type of home security system they provide.